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The Siberia -80 Degrees has gone from 13g to 16 g.

Perhaps it is fair to warn a little bit about this one, the Siberia -80 Degrees White Dry Portion is the strongest and most powerful Swedish chewing tobacco on the market today and is not a product for the weak. It has an insane 43mg/g which is basically twice as much as other strong products out there. When it comes to flavour you will be surprised at how nicely they have blended a dark and full tobacco taste with a sharp mint flavour.

The portion bags are incredibly soft and simply a pure pleasure to wear under your lip. This is a dry chewing tobacco which means you will experience a slight delay before flavour and nicotine is released but once it is established, the release will be nice and even. Since this is such a crazy strong product it is probably for the best!

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