No, The Pod Block only sells nico pods. Similar to the traditional Swedish snus, with one variant: it does NOT contain tobacco, which is a revolutionised way of smoking.

Nicopods are small pouches containing natural fibres and nicotine. After being placed on the gum, a few moments later the user will experience a nicotine RUSH, similar to the one being produced by a cigarette.

Yes, Nicopods don’t emit fumes, and therefore they can be legally used in public places.

You can order on our website, and you would receive your item within 1 – 2 working days. Alternatively you can contact one of our local sellers.

You have to 18 or over to purchase from The Pod Block.

Your item will be shipped the following working day. It is shipped 1st class Royal Mail. You will receive it within 1-2 working days.