At The Pod Block, we are excited to supply customers in the UK with a range of tobacco-free nicotine products. We have searched for the best snus brands and offer an extensive collection all under one platform. Nico Pods, also known as nicotine pouches, are the next elevation for smokeless smoking. Suitable for anyone who prefers their nicotine buzz without smoking.

Our pouches deliver nicotine without tobacco combined with a delicious range of flavours. Our extensive range has something for everyone to suit your flavour and strength preferences. That is why we are a leading supplier of the best brands of tobacco-free pouches in the UK.

If you are looking for 44mg Nico pods in a range of flavours, Corvus Nicotine Pouches is an excellent option. Choose from a selection of fruity flavours, Corvus Joker Nico Pod and Corvus Fenix Nico Pod offer a burst of berry flavours. For those who enjoy Feijoa fruit, try Corvus Hulk Nico Pod. Or, for a more familiar fruit taste, choose the citrus orange taste of Corvus Flash Nico Pod.

For cooling and invigorating minty snus, Corvus Extreme Nico Pod gives a menthol hit of 44mg Corvus Nico pods. And for a stronger menthol buzz, Corvus Brutal Nico Pod provides 68mg in one pod. This brand delivers a high level of nicotine for the experienced consumer with no compromise on flavour and the snus experience.

If you require any support in selecting our Corvus snus for sale or advice, you can contact our friendly team.

The products we supply are known as the traditional Swedish snus, originating in Sweden almost 300 years ago. Nicotine pouches are a modern form of consuming snus without tobacco and are a great, convenient alternative to the many other forms of consuming nicotine. The way to enjoy a pod is to place it underneath your upper lip against your gum and wait for the slow release of flavour.

The Corvus Nico pods products are perfect for on-the-go use. They do not emit fumes and can be consumed legally in public places.

Our selection of Corvus Nico pods for sale on our website can be purchased for individual use, or if you prefer to purchase a larger box order, you can arrange with us a wholesale order.

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You can get in contact with us via Snapchat @thepodblock, WhatsApp 07309967696, or leave a message on our website. We ship via Royal Mail First Class, providing next-day shipping, so your order will arrive within 1-2 working days.

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