CANDYS Watermelon Candy (Medium) (50mg) | Nicotine Pouches


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Smokeless, does not contain tobacco and is not snus. Nicotine pouches/ Nico Pods.

? Introducing Candy Watermelon Candy Nicotine Pouches! ?

? Get ready for a burst of refreshing flavour with a twist of nicotine! ?

? Experience the ultimate combination of sweetness and satisfaction with our Candy Watermelon Candy Nicotine Pouches. These pouches are designed to provide a convenient and enjoyable way to enjoy nicotine without the need for traditional tobacco products.

? Each pouch is carefully crafted with premium ingredients, delivering a mouth-watering watermelon candy taste that will leave you craving more. The delightful blend of juicy watermelon flavours perfectly complements the smooth nicotine sensation, creating an irresistible experience for your senses.

? Our nicotine pouches are completely tobacco-free, providing a cleaner alternative to traditional smoking or chewing tobacco. With no smoke, ash, or lingering odour, you can enjoy these pouches discreetly anywhere, whether you’re at work, socializing, or simply relaxing.

? Each Candy Watermelon Candy Nicotine Pouch contains a carefully measured dose of nicotine, offering a convenient and controlled way to manage your nicotine cravings. Whether you’re looking to cut down on smoking, transition away from cigarettes, or simply enjoy the stimulating effects of nicotine, these pouches have got you covered.

? To use, simply place a pouch between your gum and cheek, allowing the nicotine to release gradually. With their slim and discreet profile, you can carry them anywhere and enjoy them whenever cravings strike.

✅ Key Features:

  • Captivating watermelon candy flavour
  • Convenient and discreet pouches
  • Tobacco-free and smokeless
  • Carefully measured nicotine dose
  • No ash, smoke, or lingering odour

⚡️ Elevate your nicotine experience with our Candy Watermelon Candy Nicotine Pouches. Don’t miss out on the perfect balance of flavour and satisfaction. Grab your pack today and embark on a refreshing journey like no other! ⚡️


Flavour | Watermelon Candy

Nicotine Strength (mg) | 50 mg

Brand | Candy made by Kurwa

vegetable carrier (cellulose), baking soda, edible salt, distilled water, propylene glycol, 99.98 purification nicotine, sucralose, food flavoring, food flavor enhancer.

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