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Smokeless, does not contain tobacco and is not snus. Nicotine pouches/ Nico Pods.

Experience Iceberg Cola Nicotine Pouches – The Ultimate Snus Alternative!

Indulge in the convenience and flavour of Iceberg Cola Nicotine Pouches, available exclusively at The Pod Block. Crafted for nicotine enthusiasts, these tobacco-free pouches deliver a gratifying nicotine kick. With a refreshing cola taste, they offer a portable and discreet option for nicotine enjoyment. Order now and elevate your snus experience!



Flavour | Cola

Nicotine Strength (mg) | 75mg

Brand | Iceberg (New Design)

vegetable carrier (cellulose), baking soda, edible salt, distilled water, propylene glycol, 99.98 purification nicotine, sucralose, food flavouring, food flavour enhancer.

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